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 The definition of structured water is still new in science, currently garnering a lot of attention as people realize the great impact water has on their health.  Structured Water Body of Research  is growing as we do understand one thing, Water is alive. 

 The Technique we call GDV,  Gas Discharge Visualization, was invented in 1995 in St. Petersburg, Russia, by visionary biophysicist Dr Konstantin Korotkov. This technique is used to see deeper into  to different organs and systems of the body, tapping into Chinese energy meridians , as well as looking into the energetic properties of waters and other materials. 

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Structured Water Research

International Research



Hagalis AG

Analytical Laboratory, Quality Management and Naturopathic Medicines

The Hagalis AG is an international  laboratory specializing in quality analysis in the area of food, water,  and  goods in daily use. Hagalis produces naturopathic medicines and  cosmetics of especially high quality.

  Download the full report (pdf)  

Biophotonic Research



Biophotonic Research

 by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp:

Dr.  Popp is a German physicist,  He has  conducted research that confirms the existence of biophotons. 



Download Dr. Popp’s studies:

Bio Photon Research (pdf)
Coherence Of Biophotons (pdf)
Properties Of Biophotons (pdf)

Tests and Studies



  General Water Structure and Theory

General observations supporting water structure
Observational studies in substances
Observational studies in humans and animals
Observational studies in plants
General Benefits

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Observational Study #1 Kidney Dehydration


Research studies with Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Units and

feedback with The GDV Machine, Part 1 – GDV Energy Diagram

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Observational Study #2 Sports Drink


In Study #2, we tested a physically fit, 33-year-old male for effects  from a nationally known sports drink and then the same drink structured  with NAT’s Portable Unit.

Download the report (pdf)

Statistical Study of Water


With the help of the sophisticated Russian technology, the GDV, Gas  Discharge Visualization camera and the Capture and Scilab programs, and  other validating test modalities (pulse testing, applied kinesiology),  we continue to explore.

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More research

Ministry of Science & Industrial Research


Testing of our Structured Water Units was done with the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Science & Technology.

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Turkey Grow Out Study Platte Colony



Efficacy of Structured Water – July 2010

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Structured Water Information





High Quality Structured Water Generators

Natural Action Download (PDF)

Not Happy With Your Water?

Not Happy with your water?  
There is Another Choice!

Not Happy With Your Water? 

There is Another Choice.

Go Structured Water

Structured Water Products


Quick Flow Vortex Test Report



Our worthy client has claimed that normal tap water after passing  through his provided Structure water device will be improved in  following manner:

  • Improved biological function
  • Reduce water use
  • Less system maintenance
  • Longer system life
  • Improve taste and feel water, wine, juices and milk
  • Increase preservation without preservatives
  • Increase oxygen reduce anaerobic bacteria

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