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Clayton Nolte, inventor of Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water Products, in our Archived tele-class. This is a great opportunity to tap in and learn more about Structured Water, the benefits, the science behind it, and our Structured Water Products.  Just listen to expand your education.

What is Structured Water ?


 Water as a primary element is connected to everything. There isn’t anything on Earth that doesn’t use water as a part of its process in creating life.  Therefore, as water is the connector to all living things it’s important to return water to its original form by allowing it to restructure.  Natural Action Structured Water 

Structured Water Research


  Our interest in good water lead us on a quest to better understand the physics of water.  In the past, very little was really known about water.  Its science and physics, in particular, had been taken for granted.  Structured Water Research is here now to tell the story. Water Treatment Equipment by Natural Action Structured Water, Inventor Clayton Nolte

Structured Water Reviews

Structured Water Customer Reviews  and Structured Water Testimonials.

Structured Water Testimonials:

"Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference."

Sally ReedBoyceville, WI 

"Our new ‘Structured Water device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing.  I use less shampoo.  Less soap is needed for washing the clothes."
 Lileth B. Randall SLC, UT 

Hydration Facts


 If you’re not actively focusing on hydrating throughout the day, there’s a good chance you could be at least somewhat dehydrated, which could be negatively affecting your energy, vitality and immunity – as well as your appearance. 

Experiment with drinking more water throughout the day. You may observe an almost immediate difference in your well-being, and even if you don’t, establishing good hydration habits now will do many good things for your cellular health over the long haul. natural action structured water clayton nolte

Structured Water Videos

Structured Water  Videos With Clayton Nolte

Structured Water Videos 

Structured Water Products shares with you their Video Channel of 'Structured Water Videos featuring Clayton Nolte.  

You will find a wealth of Information.  Natural Action Technologies  Founder Clayton Nolte talks about the science behind our Natural Action Structured Water Units. All Natural free-flow Structured Water devices.  Structured Water Products. 


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